This Is The Worst Baseball Blooper Of The Year

Jose Canseco was famous for home runs, sure. But in May of 1993 he became infamous for something else — allowing a fly ball to bounce off his head and over the wall for a home run.

Now, Zach Borenstein finds himself in the same club.

The Reno Aces outfielder is now internet infamous himself after allowing a fly ball to bounce off his head for a home run. I mean, this ball soared a good 30 feet off his noggin and over the outfield wall to give Alex Verdugo (Triple-A Dodgers) the homer.

My only guess is that he lost the ball in the lights? It happens.

Borenstein is having an otherwise great season, posting a .891 OPS and 14 homers so far this year. Hopefully he can pull a Taylor Swift and shake it off.

Josh Helmuth is the editor of Crave Sports.