baseball bloopers

The Funniest Baseball Blooper GIFs the Internet Has to Offer

Photo:  Winslow Townson (Getty Images)

While we love a pivotal, game-changing grand slam, triple play, perfect game, or no-hitter, we enjoy the embarrassing bloopers even more. What’s not to love? Did a ball get stuck in the catcher’s mask? We can’t get enough of that. How about a baserunner who keeps falling down or one that slides way too early and ends up nowhere near the base? We’ll watch that over and over again. How about a cat chasing an outfielder at a pivotal point in the game? That’s more hilarious than our favorite stand-up comedian. All in all, we probably enjoy baseball bloopers more than the game itself.

In honor of the mid-point of the Major League Baseball season, we figured the time was right to highlight one of the greatest things about the American pastime: the bloopers. With a sport as complicated as baseball, it seems like every single game has at least one hilarious baserunning mistake, missed pop-up, animal on the field, or just some strange event that will never happen again.

That’s why we scoured the internet to find the best, goofiest, funniest, most embarrassing baseball bloopers of all time. And, you should know, this wasn’t easy. There are a surprisingly large amount of baseball bloopers spanning the decades. Luckily, it appears they’ve all been made into GIFs for our unending amusement.

Below, you’ll find some of the best examples of just what majestic heights a baseball blooper can reach. Try not to let your sides literally (figuratively) split while you laugh yourself silly watching these ridiculous GIFs. When you’re done, if you feel bad about laughing so much, watch a real baseball game and give the game the respect it deserves. But definitely search for more bloopers during the commercial breaks. We know after watching these, you won’t be able to stop yourself.