Watch Umpire Go Full Gandalf, Eject Entire Field Crew From Baseball Game (Imagine This Guy on a Date)

When it comes to baseball, umpires are like mini-Caesars. They have the to power exile any person from the field they don’t want buzzing around, no explanations necessary. And while it’s not abnormal to see an ump throw a player from the game, how often do we see 18 guys get ejected in one fell swoop?

That’s exactly what happened during the Oriole-Yankee game at the top of the 9th with two men on. With Baltimore clinging to a 3-2 lead at home in Camden Yards, clouds began to threaten rain and the grounds crew readied the tarp. But the boy scout-like preparation of the field crew proved too much for ump Tim Timmons who, for some mysterious reason, wasn’t having any of it.

Anxious the crew might storm the field at any moment, Timmons went full Gandalf and stopped play to scream “thou shall not pass!” as he chased the gangly cretins off the field like a man shooing pigeons at the park.

Seriously, get a load of this guy:

Of course, moments later, the sky cracked open and rain began to pour onto the field like a mofo as Yankee Brett Gardner hit a pop single to win the game.

Ah, nothing like watching a bunch of grown-ass men slosh around on some wet-ass grass.

As for the ump, he texted the press later to explain how he didn’t eject the field crew, despite his body language screaming otherwise. “I didn’t ‘eject’ the grounds crew,” Timmons texted, most likely from a bar in Canton. “I just didn’t want all of them behind the tarp, especially with the infield in.” What a savage.

We know exactly who we’re going to channel next time a pack of stray cats tries to make a litter box out of our seasonal herb garden.

Cover Photo: Bob Levey (Getty Images)

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