The Top 10 Most Hilarious Local News Bloopers of 2018

Photo: Broadcastertr (Getty Images)

Technical difficulties happen. We all stumble over our words. We all get caught off guard from time to time. Being an on-air personality is a tough job. That all being said, kudos to those who can laugh at themselves, even when bloopers occur.

This year didn’t disappoint when it came to laughable moments in local news. Bloopers were abundant. Aside from the usual malfunctions, there were a few things we haven’t seen on our airwaves before.

Below are ten moments that made us truly laugh out loud.

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10. Talk about an ice breaker!

This reel from November starts out with quite the fall. If you like slapstick, as we do, this is funny. But only because she appears to be okay, bless her heart!

9. That awkward joke no one finds funny.

You know when a joke sounds much better in your head before you say it out loud? Comedy is all about timing and landing with the right audience. None occur here.

8. This shouldn’t be a three-shot.

That awkward moment when you’re done with your story and you should be off camera, so you start to leave set, but… you’re still on camera. This reporter handled this situation — which wasn’t her fault — beautifully. It’s still funny.

7. This weatherman is fed up with getting all the blame.

Hell hath no fury like a weatherman scorned?

6. Water and TV equipment don’t mix, so watch your step.

This host knew he had to be “very careful,” in the water with his sound equipment attached. And then this happened …

5. A “nudist is driving his neighbor nuts.”

This is why you read ahead. You never know how a producer may troll you. Mean or genius? Either way, this is a silly moment that made us laugh.

4. A new meaning for “breaking news?”

You know this won’t end well, but the wanna-be ninja move still concludes in a surprising way. The “Ta daaaa” at the end seals the comedic glory of the moment.

3. The definition of TV irony?

Talking about slick roads and “drivers taking it carefully” while unknowingly a car behind you plows into the side of a snow drift? Assuming the driver wasn’t injured, this moment is an instant classic.

2. Is this the best “animal” of the year?

This coverage of “Meatball the cat,” from the way this photographer shot him to how the producer wrote the script and even the anchor’s delivery all nearly brought us to tears, hysterically.

1. Does this truck driver have any idea?

We love this moment because it’s totally organic, and the comedic timing of the reporter and camera-man is money.

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