The Top 10 Viral Videos of 2013


Honorable mention:  Harlem Shake — CraveOnline Style

Back in the bygone days of early 2013, it seemed like everybody was doing their own Harlem Shake video.  If you don't know what the phenomena was like…well, go ask your mom or dad.  Or your older brother.  Or another trusted senior in your acquaintance.  It was a confusing time for everyone.  And God help us, we at CraveOnline got wrapped up in it as well.  We aren't too proud to admit our role in the "Harlem Shake" situation, but we do hope that by coming clean and presenting our story, we can help everyone understand, if not accept, a dark couple weeks in internet history.  Appropriate apologies all around…


numbers_set_10Ohio State Marching Band's "Michael Jackson Tribute"

We’ve seen halftime marching band performances for decades, so raising the bar on what a stadium full of football fans can expect to see during their 20-minute intermission is a tall order.  But give it up to the Ohio State Marching Band (or is that Bad?) and their Michael Jackson tribute performance last October – the bar is indeed raised.  You’ve got to be impressed at the choreography alone of a making a football field-sized recreation of the King of Pop moonwalk.  Turns out we also found another new use for an iPad as well.


numbers_set_09Dad's Reaction To Getting A Ticket To The Game

If you thought the combination of a pre-teen and an Xbox One or Justin Bieber tickets were the only ways to elicit one of those Christmas morning freakout videos, then you clearly haven’t seen Don Buckhannan open his Santa gifts. A lifelong Alabama superfan, the retired railroad worker had a priceless reaction to discovering son Daniel was taking him to the 2013 BCS Championship game between his beloved Tide and Notre Dame.  Considering ‘Bama’s dominating 42-14 performance, we can only guess how Buckhannan celebrated that monumental beatdown.


numbers_set_08Seth Rogen and James Franco Go Kimye

Watching the original Kimye insta-classic “Bound 2” video when it dropped back in November, it was impossible not to immediately think, “Oh man, I can’t wait for the parody videos to start carving this one up.”

Thankfully, it took Seth Rogen and James Franco all of six days to pound out their own shot-for-shot remake “Bound 3.” No need for reimagining here.  Just sub in a naked, writhing, hairy-backed Rogen deadpanning Kim Kardashian’s glassy-eyed non-performance and you’ve got gold.


numbers_set_07 Wholock

Love it or hate it, it’s damn near impossible to go anywhere on the interwebs without tripping over a "Doctor Who" tribute video.  The freakin’ things are everywhere.  But you’ve got to give it up to superior craftsmanship, so it’s only fair to offer proper respect to “Wholock,” YouTuber John Smith’s brilliantly tailored crossover between Matt Smith’s Doctor no. 11 and Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock Holmes.  When you consider this is the visual effects work of one guy sitting in front of his own home computer – without the benefit of a giant Hollywood special FX team or production house – well, even Doctor Who haters must recognize.


numbers_set_06LEGO Blues Brothers

Many of us never had the patience for LEGOs.  Oh, don’t misunderstand…we always thought LEGOs were cool.  We just didn’t have the time or temperament to spend hour upon hour constructing and reconstructing all those vehicles and buildings and giant thundering creatures.  Life’s too short – even at 11.  That being said, using LEGOs to recreate the epic police car mall chase from The Blues Brothers…now that’s an inspired use of time.