Meanwhile on Twitter: Dionne Warwick Gets In Salty Food Fight With Oreo Over Weird Flavors (Finally, A Celebrity Who Understands Us)

We knew we weren’t the only ones who think Oreo has gone off the deep end when it comes to its outrageous flavors, but none of us has been brave enough to stand up to the cookie sandwich brand…until now. Singer Dionne Warwick led the charge recently on Twitter, and what ensued was a long, drawn-out, super salty food fight.

It all started on Oct. 20, when Warwick oddly asked brands to reply to her tweet.

One of the brands that chimed in was Oreo.

“Well this is fun, hi everyone,” the brand responded.

But that’s as cordial as it got, because Warwick went on the attack.

“Hello, What is your weirdest flavor? Why are y’all doing the most? The one flavor was fine,” she tweeted back.

“The people want variety, variety is what they get!” the cookie account quipped.

The convo could’ve ended there, but it didn’t. Warwick moved over to TikTok, where the 81-year-old complained that brands don’t seem to want to team up with celebrities in her age group.

@dionnethesingerThis isn’t an ad. I’m just taking it upon myself to audition for a brand deal. If the kids can do it, why not me? @OREO @Bush’s Beans @Hellman’s Mayonaise #dionnewarwick #SamsClubScanAndGo #PradaBucketChallenge

♬ original sound – Dionne Warwick

Among the brands she poked a stick at was – you guessed it – Oreo.

“Love Oreos, I really do,” she said. “However, I think now is the time that you might consider doing a Dionne cookie. I’d even sing the jingle for it. I might even think about writing it for you. Give it some thought.”

To spur the company on, she flashed a package of cookies with her face in triplicate on it. A fan even helpfully suggested a name for the imaginary signature cookie – Dionne W-oreo-wick.

Oreo must’ve heard the buzz, because it soon sent Warwick a package of java chip Oreos and an Oreo lip balm. The gesture was not appreciated, to say the least.

“After asking @Oreo to stick to the original flavor, they sent me these outrageous items as a response,” she tweeted. And then, just in case the cookie company wasn’t taking her seriously, she added, “I will be retaliating at a later date.”

We totally agree that Oreo is “doing the most” with its crazy flavor mash-ups, but threatening a cookie’s Twitter account is a little overboard…and probably not the best way to get a brand partnership. You know the saying – you get more bees with honey…and more cookies, too, probably.

Cover Photos: ROBYN BECK / Contributor and Matt Winkelmeyer / Staff (Getty Images)



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