This Retro Gaming Console With 600+ Games Is Here to Transport You Back to Simpler Times

Millennials are a lot of things: economy murderers, fast food chain slayers, and the bane of existence for Baby Boomers everywhere. Beyond that, we are just a generation standing in front of a selfie ring light asking to be transported back to a time when we weren’t being constantly harassed by other generations. Well, grab your Dunkaroos and a bottle of your favorite Snapple, and get ready for a ride back to the 1980s and a winter jam-packed with Super Mario Bros, Contra, Bomberman, Adventure, Street Fighter, and more— this Retro TV Game Console is here to knock your knee-high tube socks off.

With over 620 built-in games for the kid in you, this gaming system hooks right into your TV via an audio/video cable, just like old times. Play by yourself or invite your quarantine bubble crew over for a night complete with your favorite bits of nostalgia—there’s a game in there for everyone. And, hey, maybe afterward you can argue over the best episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark?

This Retro TV Game Console, which also includes 2 hardwired controllers, an AV cable, charger, and manual usually runs for $89, but you can grab this small piece of your childhood for $35.95, a 60% discount. That’s a decent price to pay for a priceless trip down memory lane.

Prices subject to change.

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