Charting Your Emotional Growth Through 90s Movies

Photo: Chuck Savage [Getty Images]

Yes, the 1990s. They started with Kevin McCallister and ended with Thomas “Neo” Anderson. For kids who came of age during the years 1990 to 1999, movies represented a gradual peeling back of our illusions and myths to reveal a dark, disturbing underbelly that would haunt us well into the 2000s.

Get Nostalgic: The Mandatory 90s Time Capsule

Our trusted institutions–from the rubbery comic mayhem of Jim Carrey to the actual White House–were given unexpectedly dark new twists or blown to bits outright. We could no longer trust American Hero Tom Hanks. Steven Spielberg lulled us into an awe-struck dinosaur haze before hitting us in the gut with a brutal look at the Holocaust–in the same year. Here’s a look at how you can chart your emotional progression from fun, carefree youngster to black-clad cynic through the movies of the decade. Buckle up (and remember to click on the “+” icon next to each film title for our take on that movie).