Man Claims Whiskey Cured Him of Coronavirus, Now Just Needs Cure For Alcoholism

Coronavirus, the fast-spreading respiratory illness that originated in Wuhan, China, has been reported in various places throughout the world. Like SARS and Bird Flu, people from Beijing to Bangor are in a panic that they’ve been infected. That is, except for one British man who had the illness and claims to have gotten rid of it by drinking whiskey.

Yes, you read that right. A 25-year-old teacher named Connor Reed was diagnosed with the virus and hospitalized two months ago in Wuhan. But while there, he says that he refused to take antibiotics. Instead, he claims he beat the sickness by using an inhaler and drinking hot whiskey with honey.

Even though he’s missing hot water and lemon to actually make his drink a hot toddy, we’ve always touted the medicinal qualities of the drink. Although, while we’re all about drinking toddies when we have a bad winter cold, we don’t suggest you attempt to use hard liquor as a remedy to kick Coronavirus. We’re not sure we believe Reed’s story, but we really want to believe that a glass or two of our favorite whiskey will cure what ails us.

Photo: BJI / Blue Jean Images (Getty Images)

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