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Bartender Unapproved: Bartending Trends From the Last 10 Years That We Can Do Without

In the last decade, bartending has changed. The professional has gone from a side-hustle to an exciting career for creative, driven mixologists. Sure, if you step into your neighborhood dive bar, you might still find surly barkeepers handing out draft beers without a bit of enthusiasm. But, for every lowbrow watering hole, there’s an inventive, imaginative cocktail bar complete with seasonal takes on classic cocktails along with their own delicious recipes. But just because cocktail culture is booming, that doesn’t mean it’s all puppy dogs and sunshine. There’s a dark side to the mixed drinks world and it’s the lame trends that catch on. These are the techniques and ingredients that dominated the 2010s that bartenders (and drinkers) are pretty much sick of. Check them all out below and ask yourself if you really want to keep these traditions alive in 2020.

Photo: WIN-Initiative (Getty Images)

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