Harvey Weinstein Faces 4 New Counts of Sexual Assault in Los Angeles, Not Including All Houseplants He Defiled

It’s like something out of a bad Miramax movie. Harvey Weinstein, the former movie mogul who has fallen from grace harder than the devil himself (which makes sense, cause even the devil looked at Weinstein and was like, “Yikes, this guy is bad”), is being charged yet again with four more counts of rape and sexual battery, this time in Los Angeles. As the trial for his previous charges began in a Manhattan courtroom, two women alleged that Weinstein attacked them in hotels in L.A. and Beverly Hills.

Evidently, Weinstein assaulted and/or exposed himself to the two women in a hotel room after an industry event or business meeting, because that’s a completely normal thing to do at the end of a workday. Court documents say that the incidents resemble dozens of other accusations made against Harvey Two-Face, because predators have patterns, and, reportedly, one woman even held out a picture of her children and “begged him to stop.” He didn’t. In fact, he continued not to stop for years until, finally, the heroes of this movie were finally able to vanquish the villain. We’re in the endgame now.

Cover Photo: Mark Lennihan, Associated Press

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