Harvey Weinstein
NEW YORK, NY - DECEMBER 11: Movie producer Harvey Weinstein departs from criminal court after a bail hearing on December 11, 2019 in New York City. Weinstein was in court for a ruling on whether he will remain free on bail or if his bail will be raised to $5 million before his trial starts January 6. (Photo by Jeenah Moon/Getty Images)

Harvey Weinstein to Undergo Back Surgery, Everyone Hoping For Swift Recovery So He Can Continue to Burn in Hell in Front of Us

Alleged sexual predator Harvey Weinstein is about to undergo back surgery, no doubt from carrying years of guilt on top of said back. Actually, scratch that. Sociopaths don’t feel guilt. They do feel back pain, though, which is why Weinstein is getting surgery. In a move straight out of The Brady Bunch, Weinstein showed up for a bail hearing using a walker and complaining of aches and pains. His lawyers stated that he is having a myriad of health problems (such as lack of heart, probably IBS, guilty conscience, erectile dysfunction, excessive sweating, etc.). Health scares aside, that still hasn’t stopped the fallen film producer from continuing to sound like an absolute wanker.

In an interview with the New York Post, conducted in the hospital room he was staying in, Weinstein stated that because he made movies featuring women, the public should “forgive and forget” the fact that he allegedly raped and/or assaulted more than 80 women. “I feel like the forgotten man,” Weinstein whined. “It all got eviscerated because of what happened. My work has been forgotten. I want this city to recognize who I was instead of what I’ve become.”

OK, well, Weinstein is, was, and always will be an alleged predator who preyed on women, using his position of power to do so. He is also, now, a frail old man who is desperately trying to cling to any semblance of sympathy that his ailments may garner. But, hey — the quicker he leaves the hospital, the quicker he’ll be sitting in a jail cell. So for that, with all sincerity, we hope he gets well soon.

Cover Photo: Jeenah Moon (Getty Images)

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