Man Locked in Store After Falling Asleep and Being Left Alone, Everything He Dreamed It Could Be

This scenario could be a dream or a nightmare, depending on your perspective. A man woke up in a department store one afternoon after a massage chair-induced nap. He quickly realized everybody else had left and the store was closed. Now, some people would rejoice, as their childhood fantasy had finally come true, after all those years of threatening to run away and never come back. Others, however, might feel like they woke up in a Saw movie.

The man took in his surroundings and calmly tweeted: “Oh man, I’m locked in!” alongside a photo of the empty store. We applaud the man’s self-control, because if this happened to us, we’d jump on every bed, eat every free sample, and record ourselves doing some really weird shit on all of the video cameras. But this man simply triggered the alarm to alert the police and, after proving he didn’t actually steal anything, he went home with no further action. The department store manager apologized for his staff not noticing the entire human being sleeping in the chair at closing time and, by all accounts, the issue has been resolved. Still, if this can happen to that man, it could happen to us, and that is a dream we will continue to strive for.

Cover Photo: SSC (Getty Images)

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