Mandatory Weird News: Dog Steals Cop Car, Eats Officer’s Beef Jerky

Dogs are just the best, aren’t they? Too bad man’s best friend doesn’t feel mutually when it comes to cops. Take, for instance, this good boy who commandeered a police car in order to steal the officer’s beef jerky.

When responding to a call about a stray dog wandering a neighborhood, an officer of the Kilgore Police Department found his vehicle and snack taken by a furry suspect who wasn’t about to comply with orders. The policeman attempted to lure the loose pit bull into the back seat of his cruiser, but the canine instead jumped into the front seat and parked himself there with no intention of getting out. While this doggo made himself comfortable, he decided to feast on the beef jerky that was sitting in the front seat.

The officer tried to get the pooch out of the cruiser, but he became aggressive when approached. This is totally relatable because when we’re chilling and eating beef jerky, we don’t want anyone messing with our good time. Luckily, animal control came and took the dog to a local rescue shelter. If you ask us, this adorable doggo can have all the beef jerky he wants and we hope he gets it.

Photo: aijohn784 (Getty Images)

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