We’re Pretty Sure The Cops Just Arrested Houdini

Screenshot: YouTube

Just earlier this week we told you about a convict that has somehow escaped custody six times, and now we have to talk about a 31-year-old man who quite easily slipped out of his handcuffs and left a Brooklyn police station over the weekend.

James Hlavasa was arrested and held in connection with a petty theft offense at a Home Depot. Once he was booked, a police officer secured him to a security bench to await for his bond. Well, at least police thought he was secured.

Take a look at how easy Houdini, I mean Hlavasa got those handcuffs off.

It certainly seems like that police station has fantastic security. And now because of this slip-up, police are on the lookout for Hlavsa, who has multiple active warrants for contempt of court, larceny and failure to appear.

So what happened here? Is the security at that police station awful? Or does this dude have aspirations to be the next Houdini? Well, maybe aiming for Houdini is aiming high, but perhaps he could be the next Lance Burton. And if you don’t know who Burton is then you clearly didn’t have his magic set growing up like I did. Obviously.

h/t News 5 Cleveland

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