Shelter Cat Fingered As Purr-Petrator in Repeated Cases of Kitty Breakout

You can take a cat’s nine lives, but you can never take his freedom or, for that matter, the freedom of his brethren. Consider Quilty, a cat who previously resided in the Friends for Life Animal Rescue and Adoption Organization. He seemed like just a regular feline, but Quilty had a dark side, even a criminal side. As a “habitual springer,” he constantly unlocked the enclosures of his fellow cats to set them free. They never got too far, but that hardly derailed Quilty from his God-given responsibility of being the voice of the voiceless or, rather, the meow of the meow-less. Fortunately, Quilty has been adopted, but that hardly means his nine lives of crime are over. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if he took up cat burglary in the near future.

Photo Credit: Friends for Life Animal Rescue

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