Meanwhile in New York: Watch Mayoral Nominee Sliwa Lose It When His Cat Is Denied at Polling Place, Looks So Much Better Than De Blasio

Something curious was afoot when Republican mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa showed up at his local polling place to vote. Sliwa brought his cat, Gizmo, one of the 17 rescues he lives with in a single apartment, to vote. Unfortunately, poll workers refused entry to Gizmo, which enrage Sliwa, an obvious animal advocate. 

Of course, where’s there’s smoke, there’s fire. Sliwa also was wearing a red jacket with his name on it, an apparent violation of electioneering rules. According to the New York Times, when poll workers asked him to take off the jacket and take home his beloved feline friend, the Mayoral Candidate snapped, shouting, “Arrest me!”

Somehow, he was not arrested. He did have a meltdown on the scanning machine he stuffed his ballot into. Obviously, this was a situation where Sliwa was asked to leave by a worker who also used an expletive that was not shared, but we bet it rhymes with duck.

That entire nightmare somehow lasted an hour, during which Gizmo was watched by a staffer, and later reunited with his cat daddy, the rowdy mayoral candidate. Things only get weirder from here, in a post voting press conference Sliwa is photographed holding Gizmo with his arm in a sling. The sling was necessary since the mayoral candidate had been hit by a car just days before.

Although Sliwa isn’t favored to win the election but he’s def won the award for cat daddy running for mayor.

Cover Photo:  Alexi Rosenfield (Getty Images)



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