Dollhouse Artist Recreates ‘Friends’ Central Perk Set, Perfect Depiction of Miniature White Privilege

Friends is all the rage this year, with tons of merch inspired by the ‘90s sitcom popping up from all over, even the cast members themselves. But one California dollhouse artist when above and beyond in her adoration of the show by recreating the Central Perk set – in miniature.

In a now-viral video, Bridget McCarty shows off her meticulous work, which is a carbon copy of the comedy’s set. The tiny coffee shop recreation includes that iconic orange suede couch, plenty of java-themed wall decorations, and even a little Marcel the monkey…who’s holding a remote control and watching an episode of Friends on an itty-bitty TV.

Check it out:

We’ve never understood dollhouse obsessions, but seeing how cool this project turned out is making us reconsider why people get into this stuff.

Cover Photo: New York Post



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