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New Dating Show ‘The Love Trap’ Literally Drops Rejected Female Contestants Through Trapdoor, Gives New Meaning to Getting Dumped

All’s fair in love and war, but one new dating reality show is taking contestant elimination to Squid Game levels of cruelty. Dubbed The Love Trap, the new series shows rejected women the door – or make that the floor – by dropping them through a trapdoor.

In case you’re not an avid follower of the genre, The Love Trap is a British program that pits 12 women against one another in an attempt to win the affections of predictably attractive personal trainer David Birtwistle. The twist is that only half of those women are actually single; the rest are already in happy relationships but are competing for a cash prize. The challenge is for Beckwith to discern who has an ulterior motive and give her the heave-ho.

We have to admit, it’s an intriguing premise, but we wouldn’t want to get kicked off the show in such a brutal manner. This gives a whole new meaning – and pain factor – to the term “getting dumped.”

Cover Photo: Channel4



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