Mandatory Food Trends: Justin Bieber Is Teaming Up With…Who? And Why?

Photo: Tim Horton’s

If you’ve ever been to Canadian-based coffee chain Tim Horton’s and you’ve thought about what type of celebrity should endorse its TimBits, coffees, and various breakfast sandwiches, you’d likely assume it would be a well-known NHL hockey player or a comedic actor like Ryan Reynolds. But the newest celebrity to team up with the iconic chain is none other than Justin Bieber (also known as Justice Beaver by Dwight Shrute).

Apparently, the Canadian-born pop singer is a big fan of the chain. He teamed up with them to drop a new line of TimBit flavors. For those who are unaware, TimBits are Tim Horton’s version of donut holes.

The “Biebs” is helping to launch three new flavors including Chocolate White Fudge, Sour Cream Chocolate Chip, and Birthday Cake Waffle. But he isn’t just touting these new flavors and snagging a hefty paycheck. He, along with Chef Tallis Voakes, actually created these limited-edition flavors.

Available at Tim Horton’s locations in both the US and Canada beginning November 29, Bieber and the brand even dropped a promotional teaser. In it, the “Baby” singer visits the Time Horton’s headquarters in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, and talks about the crazy TimBits ideas he has.

Fans of Bieber and donuts have to wait until the end of November to try these limited-edition donut holes. In the meantime, they can go literally anywhere and buy donut holes.


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