Ryan Reynolds Announces Lighthearted Retirement From Acting to Focus on Getting Trolled By Twitter, Free That Guy!

Ryan Reynolds may have just pulled a Jay-Z after announcing his retirement from acting on Instagram. And if Hova’s trajectory is any indication, Reynolds is about to make a fortune when he un-retires next year.

Not that Reynolds hasn’t already padded his bank account with a few small acting jobs here and there and the sale of his Aviation Gin brand for a reported $610 million. But still, the sudden announcement of early retirement is the best way to up your worth after the parts dry up and you find yourself slumming it with Will Ferrell and Octavia Spencer in a new Christmas musical unironically entitled Spirited.

Reynolds, whose comedic chops and disarming good looks have earned him a coveted spot alongside Ben Affleck in the two-superheroes leading man category, just gave the most challenging performance of his life as Ebeneezer Scrooge in AppleTV+’s remake of A Christmas Carol. The Canuck, known for having two left feet and a singing voice like a dying cat, had to sing and dance his way through the entire production as the de facto lead. That experience, as well as having to smell Will Ferrell’s farts every day for four months, led to this Instagram post:


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With over 39 million followers, it wasn’t long before the trolls came to feast including Reynold’s wife Blake Lively, who hit the comments section within minutes to poke fun at her hubby. We wish we had someone in our lives who would lovingly troll us at every turn. We also wish we could retire. Until then, at least we have Twitter, where Reynold’s retirement plans are shaping up quite nicely.

Just saying, the man is getting some great offers:



Cover Photo: Han Myung-Gu (Getty Images)

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