Dominatrixes Say Vote Biden or This Election Will Bone You, Not in a Good Way

With the election less than a day away, many people on both sides are working on one last push in an attempt to get you to vote for their candidate. You might be receiving random texts and phone calls asking for your vote, and your mailbox is likely filled with environmentally unfriendly political advertisements. But, if you’re a fan of some online dominatrixes, you’re getting one last push (or slap or kick) towards Joe Biden specifically.

If you’re a follower of the dominatrix who goes by the name ‘Real Cobra Cummander,’ you can watch her videos, but you can’t finish (per se) unless you register to vote. According to Rolling Stone, she thought of the idea the same way all great ideas come to be: while smoking marijuana with a friend.

Unsurprisingly, her videos don’t usually have a political lean. But, she and her friend were talking about voter suppression and realized that a video telling her followers that they couldn’t finish what they’re doing unless they registered to vote would be a fun and sexy way to get the word out.

Another dominatrix named Goddess Gia told her followers that they could get free content for a week if they proved that they voted for Joe Biden. It worked as at least 12 of her subs sent images of their ballot or other proof that they voted Democrat.

While this isn’t the most wholesome and is the most unique way we’ve ever anyone attempt to get people to vote, we’re all for it. Honestly, we don’t care how it gets done as long as people use their right to vote and (hopefully) make a change in the White House as well.

Photo: Michael Haegele (Getty Images)

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