President Biden Just Got Handed the Most Important Memo of His Life And You’ll Never Guess What It Said

Sometimes a breakfast of champions can lead to a rough day at the White House. Especially when you forget to wash up after excusing yourself from the table to go speak with a roomful of concerned governors.

Such is the setup of the most important (AKA hilarious) memo Joe Biden has ever received. The fun began during a meeting the president was having with select governors to discuss the wildfires raging in the west.

That’s when Biden was handed a simple one-sentence document written by perhaps the bravest aide on his staff. Because while the aide could have noticed something was amiss before the president sat down for a press-heavy assembly, he chose that exact moment, midway through the proceedings, to inform POTUS number 46 that he had “something on his chin.”

Now fully informed, Biden raised his hand to his mouth before attempting to casually rub away the translucent yellow splotch from his chin. Succeeding, he then appeared to pop the runaway piece of food into his mouth before quietly licking his lips as he relived the delicious eggs he’d enjoyed during that morning’s breakfast.

No one might have noticed the clandestine back-and-forth had it not been for the cameras taking high-resolution photos of the entire exchange (and Biden flipping the note around to use the backside as a notepad).

As such, the memo was captured loud and clear. See for yourself:

While Republicans are having a field day about the literal (and proverbial) egg on Biden’s face, we’re glad to see the man is maintaining healthy levels of protein consumption to start his day.

And guessing from the hue of yellow detected on his chiseled jawline, we’re going to say Biden is a sunny-side-up kind of man. A style of egg, we too, have been known to let run all down our chin.

Photos: SAUL LOEB and Anna Moneymaker (Getty Images)

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