Watch Matt Gaetz Get Super Awkward When Trolling Comedian ‘Superfan’ Says ‘I Don’t Think You’re a Pedophile,’ Exact Face a Pedophile Would Make

Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene’s trip to California did not go so well. The first snag happened when an Orange County hotel canceled one of the duos America First events. Then two other venues followed suit. Then, when the GOP’s Dumb and Dumber tried to take it to the streets, they got booed so hard they had to flee in a getaway car.

Luckily things perked up when the pair were visited by a “superfan” during a day at the beach in sunny Southern California.

Surrounded by a crowd of literal dozens, Gaetz and Greene lumbered onto the sand to take part in an age-old Republican ritual: Stand like Prozac-mainlining wax sculptures to have their pictures taken by a group of people they wouldn’t eat in the same restaurant with. It was the perfect setup for a troll.

Enter comedian Walter Masterson.

Looking like a man who’d just been vomited on by three American flags, the internet prankster, known for crashing right-wing parties, marched onto the sand and began enthusiastically screaming at the Congresspeople. It was the perfect entrance to infiltrate a young Republican photo op.

Gaetz and Greene, acting like two aliens dressed awkwardly in human bodies, held their gleeful poses until Masterson put his arm around Gaetz and (more or less) called him a pedo.

That’s when Gaetz completely cracked. The Florida congressman began desperately swiveling his head from side to side – a signal to one of his handlers to do what politicians never do: Deal directly with the public.

Check out the full clip below:

Judging from Greene’s face, she still hasn’t realized what happened.

But Matt Gaetz, with an ongoing investigation for sex trafficking hanging over his head, is definitely still stewing. Not for long though. His most recent FEC filing shows he hired the same lawyer who represented Jeffrey Epstein during his legal entanglements, and we’re pretty sure that worked out just fine.

Cover Photo: Twitter (@MeidasTouch)

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