15 Funniest Tweets Reacting to Marjorie Taylor Greene’s ‘Really Bad’ Mexican Accent

In the battle between Q and IQ, nobody better represents the former like Marjorie Taylor Greene. The freshman Congresswoman from Georgia is like a busted fire hydrant that instead of spewing water, projectile vomits theories about staged school shootings, stolen elections, and now, the Democratic Party working for the Cartel.

In a speech at her and fellow walking-disaster Matt Gaetz’s “America First” rally, Greene trotted out her Mexican accent as she pandered to the crowd of right-wing Florida Man babies. To be fair, she admitted it was “a really bad Mexican accent.” However, she only meant that in the context of being a truly talentless, hack job of an impersonation and not for being incredibly racist and off-base.

It harkened back to another racist speech about Mexicans, given by Greene’s political hero and benefactor (Señor Trump) when he was running for president back in 2016. Here’s how it went down this time:

We’re not sure if the CrossFit endorphins are warping Greene’s sense of reality, but Twitter’s jaw once again collectively dropped. Even zombie turtle turned Republican Senator Mitch McConnell has been referring to Greene’s musings as “loony lies.” We just wonder what the Cartel thinks of Greene’s increasingly unhinged public performances.

Wait, is the Cartel on Twitter? See all the best tweets below.

Cover Photo: Megan Varner / Stringer (Getty Images)

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