Portrait of a young and handsome African American male student exercising his constitutional right to vote, voting by mail for the next presidential elections, wearing a protective face mask and showing a thumbs up

These 12 Things Are Definitely Not a Ballot Box in Which to Put Your Vote

The 2020 election is on track to see an unprecedented amount of mail-in votes. If you’ve never voted by mail before, it can be kind of confusing, especially because the process varies by state. In some places, like Pennsylvania, there are multiple envelopes to contend with (beware the naked ballot!). In other places, like California, fraudulent ballot drop boxes are tricking people into parting with their votes, making voters wonder if their ballots will even get counted.

Generally speaking, the safest places for your ballot are either the post office (the sooner, the better) or the ballot counter at your local polling place on Election Day (or earlier if your precinct offers early in-person voting). Clear as mud? We thought so. That’s why we came up with this helpful list of 12 things that are definitely not a ballot box in which to put your vote.

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