Putin Voted Russia’s Sexiest Man By 2,000 People, Other 144 Million Votes Misplaced (Odd)

Vodka is not the only thing giving Russian’s the thirst these days. Turns out 68-year-old Commando-in-Chief, Vladimir Putin still has what it takes to make mouths salivate with lust after being voted Sexiest Man by 2,000 of his 144 million countrymen.

And who can blame those 0.0014 percent of Russians for falling madly in love? After all, the man rides a horse, looks great in a puffy jacket, and has the piercing blue eyes of a lemur. He’s also built like a T-46 Soviet-era tank. And with longtime pal and wingman Steven Seagal by his side, there’s literally no better guy to hunt polar bears with on a double date.

Though when you really break down the numbers, things start to look a little less sexy. While 19 percent of Russian men thought Putin was the hottest, only 17 percent of women did. On top of that, an equal share of men voted themselves the sexiest man alive, while a greater share of women voted there were no sexy men in Russia at all. Ouch.

Regardless, Putin’s peng party won’t be ending any time soon. The man is slated to carry on being president of Russia until at least 2034. Whether his sex appeal lasts that long is debatable, though we suspect he’ll somehow manage to keep winning the title even at the ripe young age of 84. What can we say? For some people, sex appeal is all about having a rock-hard dictator.

Cover Photo: Alexei Nikolsky (Getty Images)

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