Meanwhile in the Bathtub: Woman Finds Herself in Giant Bowl of Hot Chocolate After Bath Bomb Fail

Photo: PhotoAlto/Frederic Cirou (Getty Images)

We don’t know when the trend started, but in recent years there seems to be an influx of “bath bombs.” Gone are the days of dumping soap into a bathtub and hoping it will make those frothy, foamy bubbles you see in movies. Instead, most people opt for simply dropping a “bath bomb” into the warm water. For those unaware, a bath bomb is exactly like it sounds. It’s a concentrated bomb of soap and smells that fizzes and melts into your water, making it soapy and fragrant. It makes the whole process painless and simple. That is unless you mistakenly drop a hot chocolate bomb into the tub and don’t realize it before stepping in.

It all happened in England to an unnamed woman. We can only assume she didn’t want her name revealed because this is so embarrassing, she didn’t want her friends and family to know about it.

Photo: Facebook/Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips

In a post on a Facebook group called “Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips,” a woman wrote that her friend assumed that she has purchased a new bath bomb. She turned on the water, filled the tub with warm water, and dropped it in. She climbed in and smelled the aroma of chocolate, still thinking it was a chocolate-scented bath bomb. It wasn’t until dozens of tiny marshmallows started to float to the surface that she realized her mistake.

This is when she realized that it wasn’t a bath bomb at all, but a hot chocolate bomb. She was literally sitting in giant tub of murky, brown hot chocolate water.

The post received over 3,500 likes, hundreds of shares, and multiple comments. The moral of the story? Spend a little more time reading the package because that bath bomb you’re excited about might not be exactly what you think it is. Better yet, just use soap like a normal person.

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