8 Foods to Avoid If You Just Got the COVID Vaccine, That or the Government Just Likes to See You Cry

Photo: Peter Dazeley (Getty Images)

If you’re like us and you work from home, the odds are that you won’t be getting a COVID vaccine any time soon. But, if you are lucky enough to have one scheduled, you should know that, after you get the vaccine, what you eat or drink might actually impact the effectiveness of the vaccine. This isn’t new information; many studies have found that a person’s diet can impact how their body reacts to a vaccine. Multiple studies have shown that obesity can impact a vaccine’s effectiveness so it’s extremely important to implement a healthy diet before getting your COVID vaccine.

According to various studies, there are ways you can prepare your body to get the most out of the vaccine. Many of the studies have shown that stress, anxiety, and overall diet are extremely important in the effectiveness of the COVID vaccine. In that vein, here are food and drinks to avoid if you actually want the vaccine to work as well as it should.

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