Meanwhile in Connecticut: State Decides Its Hallmark Food Is Pizza, Neighboring States Call Bullsh!t

Photo: Yevgen Romanenko (Getty Images)

If you live in most of the United States, pizza isn’t a big deal. Your town, city, or ‘burg has a few pizza parlors that you like. You order a pie from time to time and you don’t really think about it otherwise. This isn’t the case in states like New Jersey and Connecticut. There, pizza and the restaurants you choose to patronize are a big deal. While we simply consider it to be a tasty Friday night meal with its crispy crust, sweet sauce, gooey cheese, and chewy pepperoni, denizens of these states consider it a more like a religion. That’s why it was such a big deal recently when Connecticut tried to make pizza its state food. New Jersey was pissed.

It all started when state representative Patricia Dillon (D-New Haven) and Senator Gary Winfield (D-New Haven) proposed a bill to make pizza the official state food. Proposed Bill 5656 would “recognize the contribution of pizza to the state’s cuisine and economy.”

Obviously, while this new bill doesn’t really bother the rest of the country, it completely annoyed neighboring state New Jersey. People tweeted their anger at the bill. The New Jersey government’s official account even tweeted “no” to a news article on the potential bill. Of course, this prompted Connecticut’s Lieutenant Governor Susan Bysiewicz to respond “Don’t worry, we’ll send you a slice. In the meantime, stick to pork rolls.”

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