Pizza Hut Now Serving Stuffed Crust Only in a Box, Out-Pizzas Themselves Completely

Pizza Hut has really outdone itself…and not in a good way. In fact, if it continues along its current trajectory, the pizza chain is going to make itself obsolete. Why? Because it’s doing away with pizza.

In a shocking announcement, the company recently introduced stuffed crust pizza – without the pizza. So, basically, a ring of crust stuffed with cheese and delivered to you, hot and fresh, in a box. It’s called (uncleverly) “Nothing But Stuffed Crust.”

We’re unclear where the idea for this new twist on pizza came from. We can’t remember the last time we dug into a gooey, savory pie and thought, “You know what would make this better? No sauce, zero toppings, and a lot more crust.” Nope. In fact, we’d bet there’s not one single pizza lover who wants just crust. (And if that person exists, they’re the type who cleans up after the party rather than parties himself, you know what we mean?)

Eating crust is what you do when there’s no pizza left. It’s not something you order and eagerly await while playing video games with your buddies.

But try telling that to the so-called marketing geniuses at Pizza Hut, who offered Nothing But Stuffed Crust for three days to a limited number of customers in Dallas and Los Angeles last week, reportedly in response to Papa John’s debuting its own stuffed crust pizza a few weeks ago.

“Many have tried to recreate it, but there’s still only ONE original stuffed crust pizza,” Pizza Hut said in a statement.

The sole selling point of this pizza abomination? It was free for the first 50 customers who spent $10 at participating locations.

If you’re going to throw a ring of stuffed crust in with our regular order as part of an ad campaign, OK, fine, we’ll take it. We might even eat it. But this pizza trend better not stick around.

Cover Photo: Pizza Hut

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