One More Reason to Vote: Pizza to the Polls Is a Nonpartisan Party in Your Mouth

Americans are more divided than ever – but there’s still one thing we can all agree on: pizza is awesome. You know what’s equally awesome? Voting. That’s why one organization is combining the two things to encourage Americans to get off their fat asses and exercise their right to vote.

It’s called Pizza to the Polls and it’s committed to bringing fresh, hot ‘za to polling places with epic long lines. As of this writing, it’s delivered 32, 988 pies to 1,256 polling places in 40 states. The nonpartisan, non-profit initiative says it’s “making democracy delicious by delivering free food for all to polling places with long lines. Send us reports of long lines and we’ll send in the delicious reinforcements.”

How do they afford all those cheesy, pepperoni-laden pies? Donations from people who understand that no one should have to choose between sustenance and their civic duty. So far, the org has raised a whopping $769,308 to feed voters during the presidential election. With both food trucks rolling up to polling places and on-demand service in response to voter tips, Pizza to the Polls in uniting us all in our love of Italian food.

“We’re already seeing a record number of people voting in places like Virginia,” Pizza to the Polls co-founder Scott Duncombe said in a press release. “Hunger is the last thing that should hurt our elections. Our mission is to create the same enthusiasm that brought everyone to the polling site in the
first place.”

Know of a crowded polling place that could use some comfort eats? Simply fill in its address on Pizza to the Polls’ website. Then cast your vote, confident that you’ll be rewarded with a cheesy, savory slice. Maybe by the next presidential election, we can have pizza at every polling place!

Photo: Pizza to the Polls

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