Donut Forget to Vote: Krispy Kreme Giving Away Free Donuts on Election Day

Sad but true: Americans are lazy voters. In any given election, only about half of this country’s citizens who could vote do so. This puts us way behind other regions of the world in terms of turnout, lower than even obscure places like Slovakia and Estonia! But maybe if we were incentivized with, say, a warm donut dripping with glaze, we’d be more motivated to cast our ballots.

That’s what Krispy Kreme is banking on, anyway. The addictively-delicious donut-maker is giving away free donuts on Election Day (Tues. Nov. 3). You don’t even have to buy anything else to stuff your face with a gooey ring of fried dough.

As if a free sweet pastry isn’t enough of a reward for doing your civic duty, the bakery chain is also offering donut lovers free “I Voted” stickers. Why? Because many mail-in voters – and there’s been a record number of them this year – didn’t get stickers included with their absentee ballots. And how are you supposed to take a voting selfie without the sticker? It’s as unfathomable as another four years of Trump.

“If you’re out and about on Election Day, we want to thank you by giving you a free Original Glazed doughnut,” said Dave Skena, chief marketing officer of Krispy Kreme in a press release. “And if you didn’t get your ‘I Voted’ sticker because you voted before election day, we’ve got you covered there too.”

So go cast your vote, then treat yourself to a free donut and an “I Voted” sticker. Tell all your friends (especially about the voting) and get your sweet tooth to the polls!

Cover Photo: Krispy Kreme

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