Massive $10 Million Treasure Hunt About to Start, Perfect Timing For 30 Million Unemployed Americans to Work Together and Split Winnings

Photo: Dougal Waters (Getty Images)

It doesn’t matter how old we are, we never can shake the feeling that someday we’ll find some buried treasure. Even if it’s not true, it seems like there’s gold, jewels, and other riches just waiting to be unearthed. That’s why we were so stoked to learn about a giant treasure hunt taking place all over the United States.

Sure, it’s not pirate’s booty or even long-buried Civil War gold, but that doesn’t really matter to us. It is more than $10 million dollars in cold, hard, cash buried in New York, California, Florida, Michigan, Illinois, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas. It’s called The Blackbeard Treasure and even though it has nothing to do with real-life swashbucklers, each state has at least $1 million buried somewhere just waiting to be pillaged by you.

Don’t get in your car and start driving to one of these states just yet. You’re going to have to visit The Blackbeard Treasure site to purchase a digital map. Once you’re on board, you’ll find clues and riddles designed to steer you in the right direction of a buried treasure chest. If you locate a chest, the key to open it is taped to the outside and it contains a location beacon and a phone number to stake your claim to the treasure inside. Seems simple enough, right?

While it’s a unique idea, there’s never been a better time for an event like this. People from coast to coast have been stuck inside their homes (some out of work) for almost six months. Best case scenario: you find a chest full of cash. Worst case scenario: you simply get outside, have an adventure, and enjoy life again.

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