Would You Eat This Monstrous Burger With A 24k Gold Bun?

Screen capture: @InsiderFood

Greed and jealousy. Both possibly the worst human nature has to offer. And many times the roots of such emotion has to do with wealth — cash, diamonds … gold. All things some people will do anything to attain.

But when it comes to precious metals, would you eat them?

Cheeseburger lovers now have the opportunity to munch on some 24-carat gold at a trendy hot spot down under.

The burger you see here comes from a place called Phat Stacks in Camberwell, Australia. Yes, that’s a real bun covered with 24-karat gold.

The burger is called the Golden Phat Stacks and is about $90. It’s served with two beef patties, two chicken breasts, bacon, jalapenos and onion rings. It takes about eight minutes to prep the gold bun alone.

Emad Zarghami, the founder, said “It’s not just about the burger. People come for the experience of it.”

That ‘experience’ includes a side of liquid nitrogen for dramatic effect.

Of course Twitter had some words…

Take a look at the making of the burger below. And don’t worry — not looking for anything worth a week’s worth of calories? You can downgrade and still ask for the gold bun, ya know, if consuming precious metals is your thing.

According this article on Slate, 24-karat gold is safe to eat because of its chemically inert construction; it passes through the digestive tract easily without being absorbed into the body; the only way eating gold can hurt you is if it contains copper, which can be toxic.

The more you know.

Josh Helmuth is a sports reporter in St. Louis who contributes for Mandatory.