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Friendly’s Introduces Mouthwatering Cheese Skirt Burger (Consider Us Skirt-Chasers)

Burgers are the carnivore’s canvas for edible art. They’ve been adorned with everything from the basics (lettuce, tomato, onion) to an array of condiments (ketchup, mustard, mayo, guacamole, even peanut butter) to fried eggs. But fast-food chain Friendly’s just topped all the traditional burger toppings with the introduction of its new, mouth-watering Cheese Skirt Burger.

Yes, we said “cheese skirt.” And if you’ve never heard of that before, well, you heard it now. And you won’t soon forget it because goddamn, does it look delicious.

For the uninitiated, a cheese skirt is basically a mountain of shredded cheese that coats the burger and, as it melts, falls into the greasy pan and forms a crispy-fried orb of cheese around the burger. Friendly’s isn’t the first place to offer this meat-and-cheese delicacy (the jury is out on who exactly invented it; burger fans estimate it’s been around since at least the ‘40s), but the chain is dishing up its version for $12.49 with fries.

Some on Twitter felt just as enthusiastic about this tasty food news as we do.

But some questioned whether or not this edible invention is really something we need in our guts right now.

Hey, naysayers, you don’t have to eat it. Hell, that just means there’s more for us.

Friendly’s has locations across the East Coast, so if you’re not in that region, you’re out of luck. (Though for something like this, we might recommend a quick taste-testing trip.) We can’t wait to wrap our mouths around this. Consider us skirt-chasers.

Cover Photo: Friendly’s


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