Meanwhile in California: People Are Suing Subway Because the Tuna Doesn’t Contain Any Fish (That Is So LA)

Photo: Michelle Arnold / EyeEm (Getty Images)

Subway hasn’t had a ton of great headlines in the last few months. No headings are claiming that the sandwich chain’s five-dollar footlongs are the greatest, most nutritious food ever created. All the headlines have been pretty rough. First, the sandwich chain was dragged through the press for a judgment made by an Irish court. It ruled that the “bread” served at the chain restaurant technically can’t even be called bread because its sugar content is too high. Now, Subway is being sued because someone is claiming that its tuna doesn’t actually contain any fish.

You might also remember that there was a scandal a few years ago about the content of the chain’s chicken. It required DNA testing to prove that the meat only contained 50% actual chicken. In all honesty, if you’ve ever tasted it, you’ll be surprised the percentage is that high.

According to the Washington Post, the chain is being sued because someone took samples of its tuna from various California locations and determined (according to the lawsuit) that not only was it not tuna, but it wasn’t even fish.

Subway has already denied the allegations, saying that it uses “pure tuna”. But like in the case of the sugary bread and mostly fake chicken, we’d really be surprised if this was actually true. Either way, we don’t even care. When we’re in a rush, we’ll probably still grab a five-dollar footlong. But we might opt for the turkey instead. That’s real, right?

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