Subway’s Cheesy New Menu Item Will Make Italian Food Fans Happy

Photo: 4kodiak (Getty Images)

Subway is arguably the most well-known sandwich shop in the world. If you want a simple sub with cheese, veggies, and meat, plus mayonnaise and/or mustard, you can get just that almost anywhere in the world (and this includes Iceland where they barely have any chain restaurants). For years, Subway’s meatball sub was pretty much the only way to get your Italian food fix. But, recently, the chain has decided to branch out into the world of pizzeria favorites with the addition of cheesy garlic bread.

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Yes, cheesy garlic bread. You’re probably just as confused as we are. But it actually does make sense. Subway has a handful of different types of bread that they bake right there at the store. What’s to stop them from adding some garlic butter and a few slices of mozzarella? Well, nothing, it turns out.

Photo: Subway

If you’re like us, you’d go into your neighborhood Subway and ask for what they’re calling the “Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread” on its own. Sadly, it appears they savory, salty, magical treat is only available as the base for its Meatball Marinara and Spicy Italian sandwiches.

“When people first hear about the new Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread, they usually tell us we had them at hello,” Len Van Popering, vice president of Global Brand & Innovation said in a press release. “Pairing two of our most iconic sandwiches with arguably the most delicious cheesy garlic bread ever served delivers a flavor experience unlike anything in the market today.”

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The bread itself is made with a garlic butter spread, melted Parmesan, and shredded mozzarella cheese. If you only want the bread, they might be able to make it for you. At the very least, you can just take the meatballs off and give them to your roommate. Either way, this gooey, cheesy bread is only available until Feb. 27.