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Reporter’s ‘Anti-Inflation Cuisine’ Goes Viral For Looking Like…Well, See For Yourself

Hey, we all do what we have to do to survive this crappy economy and fight back against the phenomenon known as inflation. Some of us have reduced our driving; others have cut out non-essentials. Some in more dire straights have taken to hitting up food shelves or dropping by community meals. But one journalist has truly sunk to a new low in order to save money with his unsavory DIY lunch combo — or as he calls it, “anti-inflation cuisine.”

Earlier this week, Bloomberg congressional reporter Steven Dennis tweeted a pic of his lunch alongside the hashtag #AntiInflationCuisine.

“High fiber / High protein / High yum / Low cost,” he tweeted the snap of the meal with green checkmarks next to each attribute. Let’s just say that while that sounds good on paper (or on social media), the accompanying image was stomach-churning.

But wait. It gets worse. He shared a second pic of his eats, and this one wasn’t any more appetizing.

Good ol’ Steven even offered up the recipe, as if anyone would want to replicate this barf-fest. (Bless his heart.)

“Before mixing: One can tuna w/tuna water. One heaping table spoon store brand relish. One heaping tablespoon spicy mustard. ~1/2 cup Fiber One. Eat promptly,” he wrote, adding that the meal clocked in at under $2.

And it didn’t stop there. (Someone put a muzzle on this man!)

“If we all ate this for lunch we’d save $$$ and smack inflation to boot,” he mansplained to the void. “Original recipe used Honey Bunches but almost anything crunchy will do. I suspect crushed potato chips might be best.”

To say this “anti-inflation cuisine” wasn’t exactly photogenic is an understatement. Many wondered if it was even edible…for humans, that is.

“I found something like that left on the floor by the dog this morning,” one woman observed.

“That’s a mix of wet and dry cat food. You will not convince me otherwise,” another person insisted.

“Bro I gotta say your coat has been very glossy lately,” someone else joked.

While many people shared their own go-to cheap meal ideas, most thought the “anti-inflation cuisine” was unfit for consumption. But poor Steven, he just couldn’t accept that his food fell under the category of fucking disgusting.

“People really freaking out about this thread,” he wrote, “it’s essentially the same ingredients as a tuna sandwich in crunchy stewish form.”

Just the words “tuna sandwich in crunchy stewish form” are enough to make us dry-heave.

Don’t quit your day job, Steven. And, please, if you know what’s good for you, stay out of the kitchen.

Cover Photo: BUKET TOPAL (Getty Images)