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New Keanu Reeves Series ‘Devil in the White City’ Coming to Hulu (Here’s Everything We Know So Far)

It’s about time Keanu Reeves got down on our level and joined the hoi polloi of major actors starring in streaming series. His vehicle? No, it’s not a Norton. It’s called Devil in the White City and it’s been in the works for a long-ass time.

Hulu finally sealed the deal on the series, which is an adaptation of the Erik Larson book The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, & Madness at the Fair That Changed America.

Based on a true story, the series centers around Daniel H. Burnham (Reeves), a trailblazing architect determined to make a statement on the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago. If that sounds like Dullsville, population Keanu, hold up. It also involves one Dr. H. H. Holmes, whom Variety describes as “America’s first modern serial killer and the man behind the notorious “Murder Castle” built in the Fair’s shadow.” Hmm…now we’re intrigued.

Reeves will act as an executive producer along with Martin Scorsese, Rick Yorn, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Davisson, Stacey Sher, Sam Shaw, and Mark Lafferty. (Jeez Louise, that’s a lot of producers. What exactly do they all do anyway?) Sam Shaw is the screenwriter tasked with adapting the historical crime thriller for the small screen and is also executive producing and taking on the role of showrunner. (A lot of multitaskers on this project, we see.) Todd Field is directing (and executive producing, along with everyone else and their mother).

That’s about all we know for now, and it definitely is not enough. We can’t wait to see how Keanu Reeves translates his talents to TV in his first major U.S. series. Dare we say he’s going to kill it?

Cover Photo: Greg Doherty / Stringer (Getty Images)