People Are Pissed New Jersey Named Itself Pizza Capital of the World (10 US States More Deserving of the Title)

New Jersey is known for a lot of things and not all of them are great. The MTV reality show Jersey Shore? Not one of the state’s shining moments. Pork rolls? Definitely noteworthy. Bon Jovi? Well, that’s still up in the air. But, one thing we can all agree is that New Jersey is home to some pretty darn good pizza. But, is it the best pizza in the whole world? Maybe. Recently, in honor of National Pizza Day, the state’s official Twitter account referred to itself as the “pizza capital of the world.” It’s a bold statement regardless of how great your pies are. But, is it true?

Unsurprisingly, the Twitterverse didn’t really like this tweet. Responses came from all over with many agreeing and others claiming the crown for other states. For one thing, New Jersey is situated right below New York, a state that might have a better claim to the title.

The pizza in New York City is so beloved that pizzerias in other states even ship in New York City tap water to make their pizzas as authentic as possible. Connecticut (New Haven in particular) is known for some pretty iconic pizzerias. California, Illinois, and Detroit all have their own takes on the iconic dish. Which style is your favorite depends on your geography and tastes. That’s why we decided to list 10 states that might have their own claim for “Pizza Capital of the World.” Check them all out below.

Photo: LauriPatterson (Getty Images)

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