Meanwhile in England: A British Bakery Attempted to Launch Samosas Into Space and Somehow They Landed in France

Not to be confused by s’mores (like Michael Scott on The Office), samosas are fried or baked pastries that usually contain lentils, beef, cheese, potatoes, or other ingredients. Originating in India, these small hand-held snacks are extremely popular in the United Kingdom. So popular that recently, a British restaurant attempted to drum up business by using a weather balloon to launch some into space. Needless to say, it didn’t go as planned.

The idea came from Niraj Gadher, owner of Chai Walla in Bath, England. He, like all of us, has noticed that England (and the rest of the world) isn’t doing well. He hoped that this stunt would at least give people something to take their minds off of the recent shutdown and the never-ending pandemic.

“I said as a joke once that I would send a samosa into space, and then I thought during this bleak times we could all use a reason to laugh,” he told Somerset Live. “The feedback is that it’s bought a lot of laughter from people and that’s what we wanted really, to spread joy.”

To send the crispy treats into space, Gadher and some helpers attached them to a weather balloon that also contained a GPS tracker and a GoPro.

They launched the balloon and started tracking it. But, instead of ending up in space as they hoped, the system malfunctioned and the balloon and pastries tumbled to Earth.

They didn’t land near Bath, though. Somehow, they didn’t even land in England. The balloon and its attached snacks made it all the way across the English Channel and crash to the ground in Caix, Picardie, France.

A local who was following the event decided to find the crashed balloon. When he arrived, he found the balloon, but no samosas. We can only assume that the food found its way into the bellies of local birds or animals. If so, we consider the whole thing a total success. Well, except for the not getting to space and crashing to Earth part. Otherwise, a success.

Photo: Wanwisa Hernandez / EyeEm (Getty Images)

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