Sour Patch Kids Bath Bomb Says It’s Now Slightly More Acceptable to Drink Your Bath Water

Photo: Sour Patch Kids

Years ago, if you wanted a bubble bath, you would either pour shampoo or body wash into the tub or you’d spring for some fancy bubble bath soap. Now, if you want a bubble bath you’ll simply fill the tub and drop a bath bomb into it. It will fizzle, melt, and bubble, filling your bath with aromatic, soapy water. But, in recent years, even this practice has become boring and mundane. Luckily, the folks at Sour Patch Kids have decided to bring a little more tart, salty, and more or less unnecessary flavor to bath time.

Yes, that’s right, Sour Patch Kids bath bombs are real and they’re available to purchase at a variety of places including the official Sour Patch Kids website,, Amazon, and even at Aldi stores.

Flavors (would you refer to a bath bomb as flavors?) include blue raspberry, watermelon, and others. They sell for $4 each at Aldo or $9.99 for a set of two on the official website.

While we have no idea how delicious or disgusting these bath bombs are, we do know that the only way to complement a bath filled with the aroma and flavor of Sour Patch Kids is to actually nosh on the sweet and sour candies themselves. It’ll likely be the most delicious bath you ever take. They’re probably better than other strange bath bombs including waffle, Hot Wheels, Jaws, and the creepy bath bombs that turn your bathwater pitch black.

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