Mullets Are Getting Banned But We Argue There’s Never Been a Better Time For Them

Photo: Anthony Redpath (Getty Images)

We’re rarely for banning things. We’re completely against banning books like Slaughterhouse-Five and The Catcher in the Rye. We don’t enjoy bans on things like Cuban cigars, nunchucks, and Four Loko. But, when it comes to hairstyles, we’re all for banning middle-aged women with the “I need to talk to the manager” haircut or the over-the-top permed look for anyone under the age of 75. But one haircut we never want to be banned is the classic, always classy mullet.

That’s why we’re so bummed to learn that an Australian day school for boys has banned the epic, flamboyant hairstyle. Popularized in the 1980s and adorned by the likes of William “Billy” Zabka in The Karate Kid, Kiefer Sutherland in Lost Boys, and Patrick Swayze in pretty much every movie he starred in during that decade, the mullet is apparently making such a comeback that Perth’s Trinity College banned it.

The school sent out a letter to parents that stated: “It is without reservation that the College sets clear requirements that ensure health and safety, as well as setting a high standard for personal presentation. The current trend of growing the hair at the back of the head and/or closely cropping the sides of the head to accentuate the ‘mullet’ style are untidy, non-conventional, and not acceptable at Trinity College.”

It added that any boys who come to school rocking this fantastically nostalgic hairstyle will be sent home and told to cut off that rad tail. If they refuse, they’ll be penalized more. What that means, we don’t know. We can only assume they can’t play cricket, or they have to fight a kangaroo or something.

Regardless, this ban is only drawing more attention to this beloved hairstyle. It makes us want to prove this school wrong by listing eight reasons why the mullet is not only the greatest haircut ever, but why it’s making a comeback.

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