Hero of the Day: Man Blocks His Date From Foul Ball Using Beer Can as a Shield, And the Crowd Goes Wild

Photo: https://twitter.com/Angels

Regardless of whether or not you’ve ever been to a major league (or minor league) baseball game, you’ve probably seen a video of foul ball-related shenanigans. You know, when a batter fouls the ball at an odd angle and someone, leaping over multiple seats, unaware of the potential of physical harm, snags it before it even hits the ground. Or the fan who is too busy looking at their phone gets clobbered by a foul tip. Recently, this magical sports moment reached a pinnacle when a man actually used his beer to stop his date from getting hit by an errant foul ball.

It all went down on March 20 at a spring training game in Arizona. The game, played at Diablo Stadium in Tempe, was between the Oakland Athletics and the Los Angeles Angels. Oakland catcher Sean Murphy, like many batters before him, dinged a foul ball into the stands.

It was headed straight towards a female fan. But, before it could hit make an impact, her date held his beer in the way. It was struck and exploded in a haze of IPA liquid all over him and his fellow fans.

While the stadium decided to thank the man for his selfless act by giving him a free beer and a bat autographed by star center field Mike Trout, we’re just not sure how we’d react in this situation. Sure, we want to be a hero when called upon.

But it really depends on the beer in question. If it’s a cheap pilsner it’s not a question. But, a double or triple IPA? That’s where things get tricky. Maybe we’d just let it hit us instead.

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