Korean Baseball Team Uses Cardboard Cutout Fans to Maintain Morale, Somehow No Less Boring Than Actual Baseball

Because of the current global pandemic, sports have taken a major hit. We’re not sure if certain sports seasons will even take place this year. Football, baseball, basketball, and more have uncertain futures. Professional wrestling is holding events without fans, which makes the entire experience more than surreal. But the Korean Baseball Organization, specifically, a team called the NC Dinos, has found a loophole. It knows that it’s the fans that make the game that much more special, and in lieu of flesh-and-blood fans, they’re using cardboard cutouts.

Yes, in a move that’s not creepy at all, the KBO has encouraged fans to take photos of themselves and print them on life-sized cardboard cutouts. Fans took things a step further, using photos of their pets and even their favorite players. While the cutouts can’t boo or cheer their favorite players (because they’re, you know, cardboard) they do provide an impressive visual for those watching at home. Luckily for U.S. sports fans, ESPN has reached a deal with the KBO to broadcast their games this spring.

This isn’t an ideal situation for anybody, but Korea is trying to make the best of it. America could follow suit if need be. Fans have already shown up to sporting events with big heads and the like, so this seems like the logical next step. In fact, let’s be honest — the cardboard cutouts are actually more entertaining than the game itself.

Cover Photo: Huffington Post

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