Batter Up: Youth Baseball Brawl Between Parents Includes Bat-Wielding Pregnant Woman

Youth sports are supposed to be events when we celebrate the kids in our lives and their efforts in athletic competition. Unfortunately, the kids sometimes have parents who are pieces of shit that want to make the sports about themselves by having an all-out brawl. At a recent youth baseball game in Lakeside, Colorado, parents and spectators got into arguments about the game. The heated discussions ended up on the field and soon these idiots ruined their kids’ day by turning the baseball diamond into the Royal Rumble.

What makes this even more disappointing is that one of the parents caught in the chaos was a pregnant lady. A woman who looked like she was about to pop wielded a bat and yelled “I don’t give a fuck” at people. This is some people-of-Walmart type of chaos.

So far a number of people have been identified by police and received citations. A few of them were also identified as city employees and they’ve been put on administrative leave, pending an investigation. What would have been a more fitting penalty would be to let players from the teams kick each of these morons in the shins. Justice served.

Photo: Rob Mattingly (Getty Images)

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