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Woman Sends Jesse Winker a Pepperoni Pizza After Baseball Brawl, Fellow Mariners Fans Pick Up the Tip

Baseball fans were given quite the show on Sunday during the Mariners-Angels game that resulted in a massive brawl plus the ejection of six players and both managers. It all went down after pitcher Andrew Wantz hit Jesse Winker on the hip. An infuriated Winker took off for the Angels’ bench, followed by his teammates, and all hell broke loose.

“That probably shouldn’t happen in the game, what happened out there today,” Seattle manager Scott Servais told reporters after being ousted from the game. “Emotions running high, but it was pretty clear what was going on. They switched, put an opener in there to throw some balls at us. Got out of hand from there and kind of a black eye.”

Tempers may have been short, but fans were quick to rush to soothe Winker. One Mariners fan in particular took pity on the outfielder and ordered him a pepperoni pizza. Sofie Dill of Arkansas took to Twitter to announce that she’d ordered Winker a pie to be delivered to the MLB player at Angel Stadium in Anaheim via DoorDash.

“I just ordered a pizza for Jesse Winker from @MountainMikes Pizza in Anaheim. You deserve it big guy @Mariners,” she wrote.

Dill kept her followers updated on the pizza’s progress, posting screenshots of the car icon as delivery driver Simranjeet Singh made his way with the ‘za to the stadium.

We’ll spare you the suspense. The pizza was delivered successfully, as proven by a DM screenshot from Mr. Winker himself.

Dill then shared Singh’s Venmo info and asked Mariners fans to help tip him. According to The Athletic, over 300 baseball fans contributed to the gratuity.

“I still can’t explain what happened to me the last five hours,” Singh said. “I’m still in my dreams right now. This is a life-changing delivery for me right now. I’m really thankful to Sofie.”

The Mariners were thankful to her, too. They awarded her a free jersey.

“Mariners fans are the best,” the team tweeted. “@sofieballgame, we have a Jesse Winker jersey from the @MarinersStore we’d love to *deliver* to you. What do you say?”

Given the choice, we’d take the pepperoni pizza over a Mariners jersey any day.

Cover Photo: Thearon W. Henderson / Stringer and Lew Robertson (Getty Images)


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