Florida Woman Pushes Her Kid’s Stroller Into A Mall Brawl So She Can Fight

Screenshot: YouTube

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you a woman who will not be winning mom of the year anytime soon.

Christmas is almost here and people are going bonkers as everyone tries to get that last minute gift. But how bonkers are they? Enough to get into brawls with each other, and that is exactly what happened over the weekend at Edison Mall in Fort Myers, Florida. The video below shows a group of people, male and female, fighting with each other outside a Victoria’s Secret store.

It’s a typical fight until we see a woman actually push her child in a stroller into the middle of the chaos simply to kick a woman in the face. Check out the video below.

What a mom!

Here’s what the Fort Myers Police Department, Capt. Jay Rodriguez had to say about all this:

“Upon arrival, the incident had already dissipated and police did not find a confrontation going on. Approximately two hours later police were called back to the mall in reference to apparent injuries that occurred previously and spoke to complainants.

The case is considered an active investigation and there is no danger to the general public.”

I can’t wait until that kid is older and mom can show him how he helped her hit someone right in the kisser. Good old family memories.

h/t News Press

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