Does A Mom Teaming Up With Her Daughter To Fight A Student Strengthen Their Bond?

Photo: kali9 (Getty)

I think the answer to the question in the headline is no. Then again, Nijah Underwood thought it was worth a shot.

The 35-year-old Georgia woman was recently arrested after hoping on a school bus in order to beat up a student with the help of her own daughter. Central Gwinnett High School student Jaleel Kyon was able to film the fight on the bus, which he says caught everyone off guard.

“It’s crazy because you know that’s a mom hitting a child,” said Kyon. “It was so unexpected.” According to the principal of the school, who sent out a letter to all the parents, two students had been in a fight at the bus stop before the bus arrived. And that was the moment that one of the 9th graders went home and returned with her mother. And they then tag-teamed to do damage.

Police was called and Underwood was arrested on charges of simple battery and disruption of schools. The two students involved in the fight also face charges of battery.

It also seems that Underwood encouraged the fight. So yeah, not exactly the best mom. And there’s also no word if Underwood and her daughter will grow closer because of this fight. If they do, well then long gone are the days of mother and daughter simply going to the mall to bond

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